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Easy ways to sharpen a kitchen knife

sharp kitchen knife on a cutting board with lemons.

In about all the articles I wrote here up to now I am talking about food I just realized. In my post about winter grilling and all the other posts, there is one thing that we need. A good and sharp kitchen knife.

There are many knives to choose from and I guess we all have our favorite knife. Keeping it sharp is one of the main things to do. Here are some tips and ideas.

One of the most important utensils in our kitchens is the knife. This instrument is essential for any type of preparation. However, it does need some maintenance to be accurate and safe. If we do not sharpen the knife from time to time and remove the remains of dirt, grease, and rust, this can make it difficult to use, causing us to exert more force, the cut to deviate, or the knife to slip.

It has happened to all of us: we urgently need to start preparing food, cutting meat and vegetables, and we realize that our knife is dull. Do not worry! We teach you how to sharpen kitchen knives with these homemade tricks.

Trick 1

  1. Take a ceramic mug with porous surface
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What About Winter Grilling

squirl in the snow trying to eat

As you may be slowly figured out I like to cook outdoors on the grill and smoker for a few years now but never use either of them in the colder season.

Not that I am afraid of the cold but still I like not to be outside watching a grill in the cold.

What Is The Problem With Grilling Outdoor In The Winter

Although there are many people who grill summer and winter or actually all year round I am not one of them.

One of the reasons is that my backyard does not have a lot of places to stay out of the wind. And the second one is that I am not too crazy about cold weather. I take hot water over cold weather any day.

Since I do a lot of low and slow cooking and do not have one of these newer fancy smokers I have to go outside about every 45 minutes to check on the temperature. That does not work in the winter.

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Difference Between Wild-Caught and Farm-Raised Salmon

fresh salmon

As fish consumption increases around the world, so does fish production, and today more and more fish are raised and farmed on farms. We now have the option of buying fish that has been raised on farms or fish that has been raised in the wild. This brings us to the good question: is one option better than the other?

The truth is that each one has its pros and cons.


Both wild and ranched fish have the potential to be contaminated. For example, a report published in 2005 found that fish raised on farms in certain areas were exposed to more unsafe contaminants than wild fish. However, not all wild-caught fish are necessarily cleaner than farm-raised fish as many wild fish are at risk of being exposed to certain pollutants and metals in the ocean, although farmed fish are more likely to be contaminated. It really just depends on where the fish comes from.


In the past, wild fish had more fat because their diet consisted of other smaller omega-3 fish, but today the fish farming industry is catching up, and many farms have started providing fish with the type of algae that helps them gain weight. … Read the rest

Is Smoking Meat Healthier Than Gilling?

meat being cooked on a bbq grill.

Smoking is a type of grilling or slow cooking of food over low heat. Equipment and personal preferences determine which foods to choose for grilling or smoking. Smoking adds a pleasantly deep, woody flavor to foods, so a smoky flavor is sometimes added to sauces and vegetables, but true charcoal grilling and smoking is really only made with great cuts of meat, such as pork shoulders, whole chickens, flanks, and beef ribs. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of grilling versus smoking will help you decide which the best option for serving your guests is.

Decisive moments

Barbecue does not refer to food grilled over embers and slathered with a sauce, but rather to a slow cooking method of meat. Usually refers to a process by which meat is prepared over a wood or charcoal fire over a low heat of 200 to 250 degrees. Tough meats are generally chosen for charcoal grilling, as prolonged simmering helps to break down the collagen fibers in the meat, resulting in a very soft and silky meat dish.

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Seafood To Buy On A Budget

fresh caught fish on the market.

Canned seafood such as salmon, tuna, or canned sardines makes for a delicious, easy, and healthy meal with simple cooking steps. However, you should keep frozen fish in the freezer as an inexpensive option – you can cook from frozen or thawed fillets in about 15 to 20 minutes.

What are the different ways to cook seafood?

  • Steaming.
  • Grilling. 
  • Texture.
  • Microwaves.
  • Marinate.
  • Thawing.
  • Poaching.
  • Grilling.
  • Pan searing.

How do you buy a fish on a budget?

  1. Choose cheaper varieties. Tuna and halibut are tasty but expensive. 
  2. Buy in bulk. I like to eat fish more than one night a week?
  3. Buy frozen. Do you think fresh seafood is more expensive because it’s fresher than frozen?
  4. Shop with vouchers.
  5. Stock up when you find a sale.
  6. Eliminate waste.
  7. Use seafood as an ingredient.

Which state has the best seafood?

Maine is considered the seafood capital state in the United States for those who like lobster. The entire state is considered to be the place to find the best lobster in the country. Georgetown is one of the capital cities to visit when exploring Maine’s lobster dishes.

Buy and prepare cheap seafood recipes and dishes on a budget.

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