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What Are The 5 Keys To Safer Food?

person packing food in plastic bags

Diseases that people contract from eating contaminated food are a major cause of disease, disability, and death worldwide, as revealed by the first estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) of the global burden of disease-borne diseases.

It is a reality that every year the number of people who get sick when consuming contaminated food increases, a problem that increases even more in seasons such as school and work holidays, when people travel to other destinations and do not take precautions with their meals, or in the end of the year parties, when a lot of food is prepared, and it is not handled or preserved properly, or ingredients are bought in places with poor hygiene conditions, among many other cases.

From the area, it was indicated that we could all save a life if we know and make known the “5 keys to safety” to achieve a safe diet.

Likewise, and taking into account the current pandemic context, they highlighted the importance of incorporating small habits such as frequent hand washing behaviors and keeping our environments clean and ventilated, key acts for health care.

For this reason, we recommend incorporating the “5 keys to safety” as a habit when … Read the rest