What About Winter Grilling

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As you may be slowly figured out I like to cook outdoors on the grill and smoker for a few years now but never use either of them in the colder season.

Not that I am afraid of the cold but still I like not to be outside watching a grill in the cold.

What Is The Problem With Grilling Outdoor In The Winter

Although there are many people who grill summer and winter or actually all year round I am not one of them.

One of the reasons is that my backyard does not have a lot of places to stay out of the wind. And the second one is that I am not too crazy about cold weather. I take hot water over cold weather any day.

Since I do a lot of low and slow cooking and do not have one of these newer fancy smokers I have to go outside about every 45 minutes to check on the temperature. That does not work in the winter.

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What Was The Solution?

The solution was pretty simple. I had to find a way to grill indoors and that is where the new problem started. I like to grill fatty meats such as ribeye steaks.

On a regular indoor grill, you can cook a perfect steak as long as you can handle the smoke that it produces. Believe me, I have tried that and ended up opening the kitchen window to air out the kitchen.

So, although I had a solution for indoor grilling I created a new problem that I had to try to solve. Stubborn as I am I did not thinks about giving up my steaks in the winter.

I also tried to broil them in the oven and even in a skillet but it did not taste too well for my taste buds.

Back to the drawing board and dig very deep online to find the perfect indoor grill for my situation.

The Final Solution

It all came to an end when I started to look for a smokeless indoor grill and way and behold I found a few. After reading a ton of smokeless indoor grill reviews I stumbled upon the review of the Philips smokeless grill and what I read there was what I was looking for.

At my first attempt, I was not too hopeful about the outcome and I was ready to open up the windows again. And, although it was not 100% smokeless and I think that is not possible in the first place, it performed very well and I did not have to open the windows to let the smoke out.

As you can see the meat is not directly on the heating element but the element is on the side and this makes it smokeless. The reason is that the drippings do not fall on the heating element and this is why are limited most of the smoke.

So, if you do like to keep on grilling in the winter and do not want to stay outside in the cold I can only recommend the Philips smokeless indoor grill.

The reason I suggest this is that grilling is healthier than cooking meat in a skillet with butter or oil. The next reason is that grilling locks in the flavors better.

One tip is to let the grilled meat rest for a while to give it the time to absorb the juices again.

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